On Inhabiting an Orange

With Channukah rapidly approaching, I needed to take quick measures to ensure that I would have something to mix with my tequila. Thus, an orange liqueur recipe was born.  This is a dry liqueur, more similar to cointreau than a sweet triple sec.  If you want sweetness, just add a more concentrated sugar syrup.

While partially born out of desperation, this stuff ain’t half bad.  I ended up having to add more sugar then I expected, so I probably had taken out a bit too much of the pith with the zest.  Either way, it makes for a great margarita!


2 cups gin – new amsterdam

1 cup of vodka- sobieski

3.75 tbsp of orange zest -valencia

5 juniper berries

5 cloves (I will probably cut down on cloves next time)I let this sit for 2 weeks.
This gave me 600 ml of product, which smelled amazing.

I strained this and filtered it thru a coffee filter and added 200 ml of sugar syrup (1 to 1 sugar to water).  If mls are not your thing, eyeball your orange extract and have a ratio 3 to 1, orange to sugar.

I let that sit for to more weeks and tasted it again.  It was still slightly bitter, but I ran it thru the filter one more time and it came out fantastic.

Happy holidays!


2 thoughts on “On Inhabiting an Orange

    1. kosherkocktails Post author

      I definitely was able to taste the juniper in the extract, before I added the sugar. I am still experimenting on how much juniper you need to add to a base alcohol of around 40%, to get the flavor out


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