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A new years of sorts

This might be better suited for that other new years.

After preparing a palatable pomegranate liqueur this past rosh hashanah, I have spent the previous months perfecting this pleasant potable.

Of all my infusions, this one is the easiest.  The sugar is already in the juice and the flavors are good to go after a day. Letting it sit for a month or two adds depth, but not necessary.

Pomegranate Liqueur


16 oz bottle of pomegranate juice (did not venture into fresh squeezed pomegranate juice, will hopefully try that next year )

10 ounces of gin : New Amsterdam, a very bold, citrusy gin

6 ounces of vodka

1 lemon peel

1 toasted star anise

1/2 toasted cinnamon stick

1/4 tsp of nutmeg

After sitting for one week, this was double filtered via coffee filters and let sit for another 3 weeks


On Inhabiting an Orange

With Channukah rapidly approaching, I needed to take quick measures to ensure that I would have something to mix with my tequila. Thus, an orange liqueur recipe was born.  This is a dry liqueur, more similar to cointreau than a sweet triple sec.  If you want sweetness, just add a more concentrated sugar syrup.

While partially born out of desperation, this stuff ain’t half bad.  I ended up having to add more sugar then I expected, so I probably had taken out a bit too much of the pith with the zest.  Either way, it makes for a great margarita!


2 cups gin – new amsterdam

1 cup of vodka- sobieski

3.75 tbsp of orange zest -valencia

5 juniper berries

5 cloves (I will probably cut down on cloves next time)I let this sit for 2 weeks.
This gave me 600 ml of product, which smelled amazing.

I strained this and filtered it thru a coffee filter and added 200 ml of sugar syrup (1 to 1 sugar to water).  If mls are not your thing, eyeball your orange extract and have a ratio 3 to 1, orange to sugar.

I let that sit for to more weeks and tasted it again.  It was still slightly bitter, but I ran it thru the filter one more time and it came out fantastic.

Happy holidays!