Monthly Archives: October 2012

Let the bad puns begin!

Have you ever sat in kiddush club and wondered if there is a world outside of scotch?  Do you walk into a liquor store bent over that small list of kosher liqueurs? Have you watched your girl friends order amaretto sours because they know martinis have vermouth?

Like you, I have cringed whenever a guest brings over a bottle manischewitz. What hurts even more is watching my friends guzzle it down. I try to introduce people to kosher drinks, but for those of us who grew up on a strict diet of wine, whiskey and slivovitz (maybe some arrack at the sefardi shul), even having a beer is adventurous. Luckily, most people don’t argue with me when I offer them free drinks.

As a poor student, you will probably see a lot of homemade liqueurs. As rent permits, I will hopefully be able to branch out to brand name kosher items, and experience that with you.